Quadrivium Oils™ Wholesale

Quadrivium Supplies, Inc. sells at wholesale prices to stores or individuals with a valid Tax ID number. Unlike most wholesale companies, we do not have a minimum order. The buyer is responsible for paying the shipping fees, and our wholesale prices are as follows:

  • Regular oils: $5.00
  • Electional Oils: $7.50

Quadrivium Oils™ are sold in two dram amber bottles. The bottles are sealed, and then packaged securely in a sealed bag with an insert card. The insert card gives the name of the oil and some information about the oil's use, as well as alerting to the consumer to possible allergens/irritants contained in the blend. Quadrivium Oils™ are ready to sell, straight out of the box, with no additional packaging needed. An example of the Red Fast Luck oil in our packaging is available here.

We also sell on consignment, for stores that may not be sure that their customers will be interested in Quadrivium Oils. Consignment contracts are taken on a case-by-case basis, and you can contact us to inquire about consignment orders at or by phone, at 773.236.7823.

We are available via email and phone to answer any questions stores may have about the use, ingredients, or preparation of our oils. In addition, the owner of Quadrivium Supplies teaches classes on the history and use of ritual oils in spellcraft and magic. Please contact us for her speaking schedule, or to request that she speak at your store.

If you’re with a store that would like to carry Quadrivium Oils™, please contact us at or call us at 773.236.7823 with inquiries. We will accept orders over the phone, but payment must be made via credit/debit card, check or Paypal before shipping.


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