Quadrivium Oils™ can currently be purchased at the following retail establishments or websites below.
As always, if you would like one of our exclusive oils, please have your local shop contact us.

United States

Dr. Lee Lehman, in North Carolina, is carrying Quadrivium Oils on her website.
In addition to the oils, Dr. Lehman offers a "quick and dirty" astrological election to determine the best time to use the oil.

Artes and Craft, 67103 Red Arrow Hwy, Hartford, MI 49057

KC Conjure, 1620 Locust Street, Suite #400, Kansas City, MO
KC Conjure carries the following exclusive oils: Serve and Protect, and Vision Oil

Draconis Arcanum, 214 E. Trinity Ln., Nashville, TN
Draconis Arcanum carries the following exclusive oils: Boss Fix, House and Home, Civil Court Case Oil, and Criminal Court Case Oil


The Hermit's Lamp, 398 Vaughan Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Hermit's Lamp carries a wide range of our exclusive oils.
Please see contact them directly to see current stock.



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