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We're just starting to collect testimonials from some of our satisfied customers - check back to see more as we add them! Alternately, if you're pleased with the results you got from your Quadrivium purchase, please let us know.
We've also had our oils reviewed in a few places, and included a few quotes from the reviews with links back to the full review.

Customer Testimonials

"Within a day of putting on the money drawing oil, I opened a letter from my bank. It was an offer to lower my mortgage by almost 20,000 dollars and my monthly payments by about $200. I think I'll be wearing this more often!!"
A.S., Chicago

"We were in a bit of a pinch when we started using Quadrivium's products. My writing career was stalling out and my wife was just barely bringing in enough money to make ends meet. Every month, things seemed to get worse and the mojo we had been pumping out into the Universe just wasn't working quickly enough. We began using Quadrivium's Success and Road Opening oils sometime around late July or early August. By the end of the month, I had work published in two separate compilations. My wife had been offered a different job, which caused her employers to make a counteroffer. Soon, by staying at her present occupation, she had been given a dollar an hour raise! We believe the Quadrivium oils helped draw blessings and good luck to us and amplified the work we were already doing. Thank you so much for these helpful products."
-Cootie and X

"Quadrivium ritual oils are the finest I've ever used. The Crown of Success oil is remarkable for its ability to encourage self-confidence and promote success. I particularly recommend it to those in any type of sales work, as it helps to create positive interactions between salespeople and customers/clients. I also strongly recommend Steady Work, particularly to freelancers who are in need of new clients. Both Cut and Clear and Drive Away are excellent banishing oils, though I'd advise being judicious in their use. These oils can help to eliminate nasty influences, but may also prevent the growth of new opportunities. Use them as necessary and then cease use when the danger is gone."

I first stumbled onto Quadrivium oils whilst just doing a search for some magical oils to use. The look of everything just appealed to me, which I took to be a good sign. I placed my first order for some oils I thought would be useful for me. Now I'm not the most sensitive person when sensing energy in oils and other things, but when I got the oils, something made me feel like these oils would really work. There was something about the oils that made me feel confident about using them.
I was still trying to figure out what to do with them and how to best use them when it came about that I needed to look for full time work as my job was going part time. Catherine has amazing customer service and advised me on rituals and oil usage for my situation (which was using Crown of Success and Get a Job oils on candles) when I emailed her asking for a bit of advice. She continuously checked up on my progress and gave other suggestions for oil use during my job hunt. Almost miraculously, 2 months later, a job more or less fell into my lap. It was not one I applied for, nor one I was scouting out, but when I was presented with the new employment, I was quite shocked at how much the job seemed to fit me to a "T". I'm quite certain that Catherine's help and the Quadrivium oils had a hand in this result.
I've just placed another order for oils from Quadrivium and I'm confident that they will be of excellent quality as well. It's very reassuring to know that Catherine is there too if I have questions or need advice on how to use the oils I've purchased as I work on my next set of goals.
-J.Q., Canada

I was having serious trouble getting some money from my ex that is due to me monthly. He didn't even care that it was Christmas and the kids would not be having one. I used the Pay Up! Oil and Crown of Success on a green candle. Not even two days later, the money was in my account! I swear by these oils and will definitely be using them again. Thank you so much! Time to buy presents!

Reviews of Quadrivum Oils™

"..each of the ones I tested smelled good enough to be used as a personal scent for magical means if that's your preference. I think delicious is the word I would use. Also, they simply feel magical, a far cry from some of the inert feeling oils I have used in the past. One can simply tell upon opening that they were crafted by someone who knows what they are doing and puts the utmost of themselves into their creation."
"I would recommend using these oils wholeheartedly. If I had to summarize one thing about my time working with these oils it would be that in all cases of my use they worked quickly and effectively."
-from a review of Quadrivium Oils on the blog Pagan Book Reviews
"I'm extremely impressed by both their craftsmanship and their efficacy - and it must be said, they smell amazing!"
-from a review of Quadrivium Oils on the blog Phantasmaphile
"All of these oils vibrate with energy. When you smell them, you can feel that they are going to do exactly what they say they are meant to do. I worked with the Crown of Success oil for the last week and had much, well...success!"
-from a review of Quadrivium Oils on the blog A Catholic Witch

"If you're looking for ritual oils, I cannot recommend Quadrivium Oils enough. Hand-crafted, real ingredients, astrological elections, and a passionate creator, you don't need anything more in quality supplies. Even if you've had bad luck with oils (I know I did) I'd recommend giving these a try, the difference in quality might surprise you and change your mind."
-from a review of Quadrivium Oils on the blog Blue Flame Magick

"I love when I hear about someone who obsesses over the little things - someone who takes something that anyone could pick up and fixates on the details, making the very best thing possible. This is exactly what Quadrivium Supplies oils are about."
-from a review of Quadrivium oils on the blog Occult Chicago

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