Oils Available For Order

Please click on the name of the oil for a description of ingredients and intended use.

All oils can be made into a spray, though the botanical elements will be removed in the bottle to avoid clogging the spray mechanism.

Plantary, eclipse, and electional oils are marked with an asterisk.

Oil nameSizes Available
Abramelin 2 dram and 15ml
Annointing 2 dram and 15ml
Banishing* 2 dram
Blue Moon*2 dram
Boss Fix2 dram
Come To Me2 dram
Court Case Civil2 dram
Court Case Criminal2 dram
Crown of Success2 dram
Cut and Clear*2 dram
Drive Away*2 dram
Fortune & Favor2 dram
Get A Job2 dram
House & Home2 dram
Kiss Me Quick2 dram
Love Drawing2 dram
Lovers Home2 dram and 1 oz spray
Money Drawing2 dram
No More Monsters1oz spray bottle
Occulude*2 dram
Pay Up2 dram
Peaceful Home2 dram and 1 oz spray
Reconciliation*2 dram
Red Fast Luck2 dram
Reveal*2 dram
Road Opening2 dram
Salvitas2 dram
Serve & Protect2 dram
Steady Work2 dram
Stop Gossip*2 dram
Storyville2 dram
Van Van2 dram
Vigorum2 dram
Vision*2 dram and 1 oz spray

Custom oils are available upon request.