Welcome to the Quadrivium Supplies media archive. Owner Catherine Diedrich has appeared on podcasts, radio shows, and YouTube shows to speak about oils, ritual work, and other issues surrounding magical practice. This list of links is very incomplete and consists only of shows that are currently available online.

  • The Barbed Pentacle, text interview on a blog devoted to discussing some of the more adult aspects of magic and Paganism.
  • The Less Traveled Path, an interview by Mark Mandrake and Shauna Aura Knight on a show that is part of Pagans Tonight on BlogTalk Radio. Warning - the show starts playing automatically as soon as the page loads.
  • Magick Radio Chicago episode 10, in which Catherine says nothing about oils. The episode focuses on spiritual teachers and gurus, and Catherine is joined by Bishop Lainie Petersen (from TalkGnosis) as a contributor. It's more of a round-table discussion than an interview, and starts 37 minutes into the show. This link is directly to an MP3 of the show.
  • NEW - Magick Radio Chicago, episode 58, with hosts Drew Prince and Bishop Lainie Petersen. All scents, oils, and some candle discussion for about 1.5 hours, including Catherine casting aspersions on multi-level marketing companies selling essential oils and a long bit where the hosts let her rattle on about tables of corespondences and she was able to work in the Book of Enoch, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Paracelceus, The Golden Bough, and Plato. Excellent information here if you're interested in making your own ritual oils.
  • TalkGnosis episode Oils and Scents in Ritual Practice, a weekly YouTube show on the GnosticNYC network. Extra bonus: You can SEE Catherine on this show, not just hear her, and watch her anoint a St. Jude candle to demonstrate how best to use oils with a glass-encased vigil candle.
  • Wigglian Way Podcast, Episode 102 - Sparrow of the well-known Canadian Pagan podcast The Wigglian Way spent a good 40 minutes talking to Quadrivium owner Catherine Diedrich about oils, the role of scent in magic, and a whole lot of other topics that came up durng the discussion.

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