Viridis Genii Symposium

There aren’t many things that make me sad I live in Chicago (the weather is kind of a given; I’m used to it), but not attending the first Viridis Genii Symposium is making me glare at the Sears Tower.

You can read about it on their website here but basically, it’s an entire weekend-long symposium on plant magick and the esoteric side of herbalism.  Swoon.  A whole weekend symposium JUST ON PLANT MAGICK.

A) why didn’t anyone do this before and B) why is it in Oregon when my kids are out of school?  It runs from July 31-August 2nd, if you need to check your calendar.

They still have room for attendees, and a terrific roster of speakers and presenters .

I’ve known from the start that I couldn’t go, but maybe some of my blog readers have the time and interest and can attend.  If so, take lots of notes and scan them in and email them to me.


A Few Unrelated Things…..

  • It’s summer, and we aren’t shipping on Fridays.  If we do, the oil sits for 2-3 days in a hot truck.or warehouse and while we’ve never had a complaint about spoilage, we’re picky about oils.  You may have noticed that.  Shipping days are usually M-F, is now T -Th due to schedule changes and concerns about hold times.
  • Changes coming – the website is going to be updated.  Not in style, because clean and simple always looks good and John from The Hermetic Library designed this and we still love it – but there’s new info.  Copy changes, lets say.  Organizational.
  • Stop apologizing for calling.  That’s why we have a phone number.  Sometimes you want to talk to a real person or get advice on what to buy before you buy.  Every single person who has called this month has apologized for doing so.  Cut it out!  We like talking to our customers.
  • We give stuff away on Twitter and FB.  Follow us and “like” us and you might win something.
  • Thoughts on a Chicago “intro to oils” class?

Happy Summer, everyone.

We’re back!

Things have settled down around here enough that the store orders have all been filled and my raw materials restocked.  The public school system has been prodded into fulfilling the legal requirements set out by state and federal law to keep both my girls safe at school.  I’m even interviewing some babysitters in advance for the summer.

Short version:  Retail ordering is open again through the website.  This means you can order any oil except store exclusives.

Speaking of which, the blood moon eclipse Vision oil that’s exclusive to KC Conjure goes fast, no matter how many I send.  If you’d like to try it, you can probably snag a bottle via the store’s online ordering service.


Web Site Purchases Suspended

Hi clients and customers and friends:

You may have noticed that you can’t currently get to the oil listing, or to the different pages for each of the oils that Quadrivium sells.  This is because, for all intents and purposes, Quadrivium is a one-woman show and the one woman has to be Mom before Business Owner right now.

My 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 18 months ago.  We’ve been managing it successfully, with a Continuous Glucose Monitor and an insulin pump.  On April 29, we found out that our 5 year old daughter is also diabetic.  She is in the very early stages of Type 1 Diabetes, where the pancreas still does it’s job (at least part time), so she’s not on insulin yet.  She’s in good health, and with an older sister who has the same thing, she’s taking the diagnosis better than we are, I think.

Currently, my time is being occupied with school meetings, doctor appointments, blood sugar tracking, completely changing everything about the kids’ room (because midnight blood sugar checks and bunk beds are not a good combination), and being really angry at the world for hitting us with a random autoimmune disorder not once, but twice.  Type 1 Diabetes is manageable, but insulin isn’t a cure – it’s life support.  It’s also a LOT of work, especially for parents of diabetics too young to manage their own care.

One of my goals, when I started Quadrivium Supplies, was to get customers their orders within two weeks.  Preferably one week.  I hate waiting for things, I assume other people hate it too.  At the moment, it’s all I can handle to fill my (very late) store orders.  Online ordering for Quadrivium Oils WILL reopen, probably towards the middle or end of May, when the whirlwind of meetings has eased up and we’ve hired a childcare provider who’s able to manage two kids with diabetes.

In the meantime, please order your oils from one of the retailers that are listed on the sidebar.  Each of them carries my full line of oils, plus one or two exclusive oils that you can’t get elsewhere.  One store is in Canada, which is great if you’re an international customers.  They will all be restocked with Quadrivium Oils by May 11, if the Post Office cooperates.

Thanks for your understanding.

This Should NOT Have To Be Posted

This should go without saying, but apparently it has to be spelled out:
ALL the material on the Quadrivium Supplies website, from the item descriptions to the sample oil use rituals to the blog content, is under copyright. You may not reproduce our on your blog or your website. Period.
Stores that carry our items online are permitted to use material from our website, and that permission is a part of our contract with these stores. If you are NOT one of these stores, you may NOT use material from this website on yours, and you certainly do NOT have permission to pick out the suggested oil use rituals and publish them.

This is called “plagiarism.” Look it up. It doesn’t matter if material is printed or online – the person who wrote it, or the company for whom it was written, holds the copyright to it.

We regularly run our suggested oil rituals through an online plagiarism checker. If you think one of our rituals is cool and you’d like to put it on your noncommercial site or blog, please contact us ( to ask for permission. 99% of the time, we’ll give it, as long as you attribute it to us. But if you’re just swiping our content to fill your own blog or website, that’s stealing and it’s not okay. Not only that, but it’s the sort of thing that goes on often enough that the owner of the copyright can appeal directly to the ISP of the plagiarizer and have the content removed, if not the entire site taken down.
Which we will do. This website is a business; the suggested oil rituals are specific to our oils and were written for our website. They are not free for use elsewhere.
Please don’t steal our content. It’s not just impolite. It’s illegal.

The Good Luck Lady

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a colleague who thought Quadrivium Supplies would be a good fit for someone who was putting together a “team” of people offering metaphysical products and services. I got in touch with Flora, who has gone by the name “The Good Luck Lady” professionally for years, and heard about her plans to put together a group of people who were dedicated practitioners of their crafts.  What Flora was interested in doing wasn’t just putting together a listing of people who provided spiritual services and metaphysical products – in her own words, she was looking for people

to join a co-operative of genuine sacred arts practitioners that have real skill and mastery of their vocation.

Needless to say, I was honored to be invited to join this group.  It’s not an affiliate system, it changes nothing about the way Quadrivium does business, it’s just another way for people to find Quadrivium Oils.  And because Flora, “The Good Luck Lady,” prefers individuals and their faces and stories to companies and their logos, you can click over to my page on her site to read a little more about me, how I got into oils, and why I like the precision of oilmaking using lunar and astrological timing.

Check out The Good Luck Lady website, and the practitioners and professionals listed.  Everyone is there because we’re dedicated to providing the best service to clients that we can.

Quick Note

I’ve been looking for this link and could not find it, but tonight – success! The Crop Watch report on “The Therapeutic Grade Disinformation Campaign.”

Your Oil, Your Practice, Your Rules

Ever since Quadrivium started selling online, we gave examples of how to use the oils that we make.  Try carving something into a candle, anoint it in this direction, burn it for three-five-seven nights, etc.  It always comes as a surprise to get emails and phone calls from customers telling us they want to use a certain oil, but they have the wrong color or kind of candle, they think they anointed the candle wrong, the taper took too long and burned out in eight days,not seven, or the petition just smoldered and never caught fire.

The underlying problem is always the same – I didn’t follow the “instructions” on the website, what do I do??

The examples of use for each oil were never intended as a manual for oil use.  The blurbs are examples, ways other people or the oil maker or someone who tested the oil found effective, suggestions in case someone wants to buy an oil but has no training in actually using an oil.  The examples of use are intended to be used as a broad guide to spark the user’s own ideas about what to do with the little amber bottle once it arrives.  It might be easier to follow the suggestions on the website, but oil use should be about what the practitioner needs, how the user feels the oil is best utilized.  There’s no wrong way to use an oil – the most effective method may depend on your personal situation, your focus, your intent.

(Unless your idea is drinking it.  That’s the wrong way to use an oil.)

Maybe you only have a reddish candle someone gave you at an office gift swap and no other candles.  Maybe you don’t have any candles, because they’re not allowed in your room/dorm/house.   The moon is waxing, not waning, but you really need to address the situation or make the petition.  You’re not able to burn a petition.  The candle can’t gutter out safely, it will have to be extinguished after the final night.  You don’t want to write a petition.  You don’t want to use the oil anywhere but on your altar.  Your belief system requires petitions be made in a certain way, contrary to what’s suggested on the web site.

These are all actual problems people have written or called about, and the answer is always the same:

Do it the way that works for YOU.

Oils are not supposed to be scary or intimidating.  They’re supposed to be reasonably easy to use, even for people new to the practice. Our suggestions for use are suggestions, not instructions.  Use the oil in the way that makes the most sense to YOU.  The suggestions on our site reflect the various traditions and training people have been through, as well as being influenced by certain belief  systems.  If something doesn’t work for you, doesn’t make sense to you, or you don’t have the necessary tools to do what we suggest, do something else.

Don’t be constrained or intimidated by the suggestions for oil use.  Experiment with oil use.  Try different things.  While we might be the experts in obsessive-compulsive oilmaking, you’re the expert on how the oil is used in your practice.  Don’t let our lack of imagination make you think that there’s limits on how these oils can be used.

(Except about the drinking thing – don’t do that.)


General Information – Shipping

This entry is for the  people who want to know how long it usually takes to get an oil from Quadrivium.

Quadrivium does not pre-make oils.  Each oil is made when it is ordered – the essential oils are pre-mixed, under lunar and planetary conditions, because essential oils do not “turn” or “go bad.”   Once the essential oils are mixed with the carrier oil (we use sweet almond oil), the clock starts ticking. Quadrivium Oils contain Vitamin E as a preservative, but since we do not use any synthetic anything, our oils will eventually “turn.”  We guarantee the oils are stable for one year, as long as you follow the basic guidelines – keep the oil in a cool, dark place, always use a colored glass bottle to contain the oil and protect it from oxidation.  After a year, we can’t guarantee that the oil will smell the same or look the same.  Since there are herbs, resins, or minerals in almost every oil we sell, those solids sit in the oil and many of the herbal components will dissolve, in time.  Our own tests have shown that this begins to affect the quality of the oil after 12 months.  Making the oils to order takes longer, but it means a considerably extended shelf life for the customer’s purchase.

So where IS your oil?  When you make an order, it enters a queue.  If there’s a bunch of orders ahead of yours, it might take a bit.  Normally, any order within the continental US will be shipped within 14 business days.  If we’re backed up, waiting for the delivery of an oil component or packaging, we’ll let you know.   In the event of a backup, we upgrade shipping to Priority Mail at no cost to the customer.

Our oils are sent in very sturdy small boxes, well cushioned and protected from breakage.  This is why the shipping fee is the same for 1 – 5 oils, as it’s the same size box and the same postage fees.  If the order is shipped Priority, we use the USPS Priority Mail boxes.  Normally, we ship using USPS First Class mail, with tracking.  When your order is shipped, you should receive an email via PayPal with the tracking information.

If you need your oil by a particular date, please let us know.  Orders can jump the queue for an additional fee, and we will upgrade shipping to Priority Mail or Express Mail as long as the customer understands that it means an increased shipping fee.  If you absolutely positively have to have the oil by the end of the week, or early the next week, let us know.  We can and do work with people who cannot wait.  Those customers are sent an additional invoice for rush service and shipment, and the orders are usually sent out on the next business day.

Generally, it takes about five to seven business days between ordering and receiving an oil.  Fourteen business days is the outside limit for what we consider normal turnaround time, and any order that will take longer to prepare is automatically upgraded to Priority Mail and the customer contacted as soon as we have a general idea of the shipping date.  In the unlikely event of a delayed order, the customer may request a full refund and we will provide it.

Hopefully this answers any questions you have.  If not, contact and we’ll do our best to help.


New Oils at KC Conjure – Vision Oil

The second oil that’s exclusive to KC Conjure is Vision Oil (click on the name of the oil to be taken to the KC Conjure site, where you can purchase it directly).  The listing for this oil states that it’s formulated to assist with all forms of divination, created at the end of the lunar eclipse of a Blood Moon/Hunter’s Moon, at the moment the darkness dropped and the full light illuminated the landscape.


 (image courtesy of KC Conjure)

The Vision oil was a tricky one.  Divination is not my strong point – I can technically read tarot cards, and I use a pendulum when making decisions about herbs and oils for various mixes, but that’s it.  However, I know a lot of  very talented diviners (Polyphanes at the Digital Ambler, for example) who are oil users besides, all of whom were eager for me to produce something for either use during/before divination, or as an anointing oil for divination tools.
After tossing a coin (well, after making two totally different versions and having them tested and deciding only one was going to be made for market), I elected to produce the Vision oil for use by the diviners themselves.  The oils and herbs that went into it were chosen for clairvoyance, far-seeing, true dreaming, clarity of sight, focus, and concentration.  There were about six versions of the original oil, because one of the challenges of a Vision oil is to create one that’s effective, but without a distracting scent.  After a few months of tinkering and experimenting (thanks to my testers, without whom this would be a far less effective oil), I came up with a mixture that didn’t distract the user and seemed to assist in divination, remote vision, and trance work.
It could have ended there – since the job of the oil was to increase sight, I could have made it during a waxing moon on a day and hour that were associated with Sight, then shipped it out.
Right.  That didn’t happen.  Instead, I waited for some really spectacular lunar or planetary alignment to come along – the Vision oil was two years in the making, it could wait a little longer.

In October of 2014, a lunar event occurred that provided the perfect opportunity to create the Vision oil – the full eclipse of a Hunter’s Moon that was also a Blood Moon.
The full moon after the autumnal equinox (usually September 22 or 23rd) is called the Harvest Moon, for obvious reasons.  The full moon after that is called the Hunter’s Moon.  Both full moons are unique because the time difference between moonrises on successive evenings is much shorter than average – there’s no long gap of darkness between sunset and moonrise for several days after both the Harvest Moon and the Hunter’s Moon.  Both moons are known for illuminating in a singularly long, bright way, which seemed like a good aspect to incorporate into the Vision oil.
In October, there was a full eclipse of the Hunter’s Moon,  where the Earth would pass directly between the sun and full moon.  This event was also considered a Blood Moon, due to the color of Earth’s shadow as it passes over the moon giving it a red cast (the sun’s rays are scattered, which strip out the other colors in the spectrum and leave red behind).  The Vision oil was created at the moment the lunar eclipse ended, under the Hunter’s Moon, when the darkness passed and the light returned, moonlight that has been traditionally used to find that which is hidden.

Polyphanes of the Digital Ambler was nice enough to give some very complimentary feedback on the Vision oil:

“A lovely and potent oil!  The fragrance itself is calming and focusing, good for putting yourself in the right headspace for divination, remote vision, or trance sessions, especially when communication is a strong need.  Most vision oils I’ve worked with elsewhere tend to have too harsh a smell or make one’s third eye too excitable to see clearly, but this is a rarity in that it avoids these and other issues.  I use the oil on myself before any sacred divination, and keep a charm anointed with it on me just in case I need to break out my dice and bones.”

Again, this is one of the two oils that are exclusively available at KC Conjure and through their website.  Visit this site for a look at both Serve and Protect and Vision oil.