Summer Vacation

The Quadrivium Supplies web store will be closed during the month of July. The website will reflect this.
All the physical stores that carry our oils will still have stock, it’s just the web store that’s going to be closed.

By the way, I have about six bottles of Abermelin Oil left. In case anyone hasn’t snagged a bottle yet.

Abramelin Oil

Turns out we have enough Abramelin Oil left over to offer some to the general public. There are VERY limited quantities of this oil, which was made at the start of a full moon, in the Hour of the Sun, on the Day of the Sun, and matured for a full lunar month.

If you didn’t snag any during the pre-order and would like to pick some up, you can visit the website’s Limited Production page.

One difference you’ll notice on the page is that while we give a really boring (to anyone not an oilmaker or who’s not really interested in magical history or mistranslations) rundown on the various Abramelin recipes is that we aren’t providing suggestions for use.

Our belief: if you know enough about Abramelin Oil to want to buy some, you know what to do with it all ready.

Fortune and Favor Giveaway

I have an extra bottle (no idea how that happened). Comment to enter, winner selected 3/26.

Hermit’s Lamp Has Moved!

If you’re in Toronto (or even if you’re not, and just like the store’s well-organized website and reasonable shipping fees), you will want to know that
The Hermit’s Lamp has moved to 425 Vaughan Rd. Toronto ON M6C 2P1

We don’t want you wandering Vaughan road in search of oils, after all.

A Really Interesting Article

Normally I don’t link to non-oil related things, but The Death of Expertise over at The Federalist is a fascinating read. I was especially struck by this quote:
“People……no longer distinguish the phrase “you’re wrong” from the phrase “you’re stupid.” To disagree is to insult. To correct another is to be a hater. And to refuse to acknowledge alternative views, no matter how fantastic or inane, is to be closed-minded.”

Abramelin Oil

One of the first magical oils I ever encountered was Abramelin Oil – probably because I hung out with Thelemites. It was a sort of spicy-scented oil that was used for anointing things, and that was all I knew about it.
Eventually, of course, I learned a lot more about magical oils, and one of the choices I encountered when starting Quadrivium Supplies was whether or not to make Abramelin Oil.

My decision was no.

Mostly, the people who use Abramelin Oil make it themselves – as I explained to someone, if you’re in a situation where you need Abramelin Oil, you’ve probably got enough experience to make it yourself. Plus, traditional Abramelin Oil is made with an olive oil base, and no matter how much Vitamin E or Rosemary Oleorosin I put in olive oil, it starts to turn in about six months. It was just too different from the other oils I make, basically, so I elected not to carry that one.

A few weeks ago, a customer contacted me to ask that I make him two vials of Abramelin Oil, using the ingredients and proportions from the original manuscript of The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. If you’re not familiar with Abramelin Oil, there are several recipes for it. The one from the original manuscript, the Crowley variant, and the Mathers variant are the most popular ones. There’s also different ways of making the oil. Some people (like me) mix essential oils in an olive oil base, others macerate and steep herbs in the olive oil base, then decant the oil after a month for use.

Since I was already making a batch of Abramelin Oil, I told a few people that if they wanted some, they should let me know. The response was surprisingly positive. Positive enough that I started to worry that I was going to miss an order or two, or send someone the wrong thing (Hi, Christopher in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne! Sorry!). Mostly, Quadrivium Supplies is intended to be a wholesaler working with stores – the fact that you can order the product off the website is mostly due to my understanding that there’s places with either no stores, or stores I haven’t convinced to carry my line. Yet.
Happily, one of the stores I work with got really really really excited about the prospect of Abramelin Oil made by the obsessively detail-oriented.

I did not write their copy on the oil, by the way. They did that. You can pre-order Quadrivium Supplies Abramelin Oil via Good Luck! Conjure Shopw in Kansas City, through this link:

The oil should ship by March 1. I will be accepting orders until February 21. After that, you’ll be out of luck.

Sale – 20% Off

On sale, in no particular order:

  • Road Opening
  • Van Van
  • Reconciliation
  • Red Fast Luck
  • Fortune and Favor
  • Crown of Success

20% off for a limited time (which usually means “until I remember to change the code back”).

Clear out the old, welcome in the new. May your new year be healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling!

USPS Rates Going Up

Okay, it’s probably not going to hit us too hard, as it’s largely restricted to first-class letters, but it’s going to suck for everyone else. I am so sorry about this. Relevant section:
Highlights of the new single-piece First-Class Mail pricing, effective Jan. 26, 2014 include:

Letters (1 oz.) — 3-cent increase to 49 cents
Letters additional ounces — 1-cent increase to 21 cents
Letters to all international destinations (1 oz.) — $1.15
Postcards — 1-cent increase to 34 cents


NYT Article on Herbal Supplements

Canadian researchers tested the herbal supplements sold by a large number of retailers and found that not only did a lot of them not contain even a small amount of the herb they claimed to be, they were full of fillers and potential allergens.
Like with essential oils, herbal supplements are not tested for ingredients. It’s assumed that what’s in the bottle is what’s on the label – unfortunately, as this article shows, it’s not always the case.

“But the system essentially operates on the honor code. Unlike prescription drugs, supplements are generally considered safe until proved otherwise.

Under a 1994 law, they can be sold and marketed with little regulatory oversight, and they are pulled from shelves generally only after complaints of serious injury. The F.D.A. audits a small number of companies, but even industry representatives say more oversight is needed. “

Here’s the article.

Second Sale Event

I seem to have put all the general good fortune oils on sale. Half off, even.
Crown of Success
Fortune and Favor
Red Fast Luck
Road Opener

This will likely run until the early hours of October 26th.